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Miss G ki Raseeli Choot

I am rehan from islamabad.pakistan.i m 22 years old with a athletic email is & i am the greatest fan Hamaristory.Com.. Now i am going to tell you a story, which happened when i was studying my 12th.

First, let me tell you about myself, . The incident, which i am going to narrate, is happened 2 years back. In our college, there was a teacher named tasmia who teaches physics. She was in her mid 30s, married and has one daughter of age 6.
She was a gorgeous woman with good boobs and nice structure. I do not know the size since i have not measured, but it is a huge one. I tell you, her sexiest part is her tummy. No one can escape with out seeing her breasts, hips and tummy. The tummy portion was white and sexy. All students will be eager to see it at least once daily. When we were sitting in the class, we used to observe her body very closely. As she used to wear saree’s when she for moments lifted her left hand, we could see her white tummy and the side of her bulging breasts. Oh, that view would make all of us mad. Though i was strong in physics, i decided to go for tuition to tasmia mam who is not at all ready to take tuitions at home. However, students forced her to take tuitions. Ten students from our class joined the tuition. We used to go to her house daily and she will always be in sarees only. Her husband is an officer in a private concern but concentrates more in making money.
Our class friend\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s sister\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s marriage came, all of us decided to start by 2.30 p.m., and we got permission from tasmia mam for leave by previous day itself. However, suddenly, in the morning i got headache and i informed my friends about my non- availability. All of them agreed. However, i had some doubts in the subject so i wanted to get clarification from tasmia mam. I went to her house with smart dressing and a she was in her blue chiffon sarees very transparent with deep neck blouse.. She looked very gorgeous and so far no cruel intention on my mind. She asked why i did not go to marriage and i explained the reason to her. Then i sat on the sofa, she sat just opposite to me and started teaching on my doubts.
It was around 7.00 pm, and her husband was getting ready to go to mumbai for board meeting. Therefore, she asked me to wait for sometime and started doing packing work for her husband. He started from the home at 7.30 pm.. Tasmia continued her lecture. Suddenly, it started raining heavily and power went off. She was searching for candles, matching box, and went to kitchen her daughter and i too followed her to help. Suddenly we both collided each and when she was about to slip i caught her hips. It was a terrific touch, which made me horny. I do not know what she thought in her mind. Then she lighted candles and there is no sign of rain stopping. She asked me stay that night there itself. I had no problem since no one was there in my house. They have all gone to attend a function in the village. Due to heavy storm, candles went off and again there was dark. She came near the sofa to light candles and i was about stand from the sofa, again we collided each other and this time she fell on top of me in sofa. I caught her hips this time too and pressed forcefully there. She did not say anything i knew she was also enjoying the moment. She decided to prepare for dinner quickly since the candle were about to end. Then we all took dinner together. After that, her daughter fell asleep and she slept in the bedroom.
Now the candles went off and we were sitting and chatting about the college happenings. In the dark, nothing was visible. She decided to search for another candle, which may be in the storeroom. She proceeded to the room and asked me to accompany her since it was too dark. She searched on the top of a shelf. For that, she raised both her hands, at that time i was out of control and i dared to caught hold of her hips from behind and squeezed gently. She did not object to it and this gave me more confidence. Therefore, i raised my hand and gently ran hand on her tummy. Oh, it was so hot and then slowly moved up and for the first time in my life pressed the boobs. She turned towards me and kissed me on my lips. Now she was turning towards to me, and i kissed on her neck and lips. Suddenly, both of us parted and we found a candle and proceeded towards the hall. This time she sat adjacent to me in the sofa. She locked all the doors and only candle light surrounded the room. She started first and said that she really enjoyed what happened in the storeroom. I was speechless.
I touched her hip very boldly this time and squeezed. She came nearer to me and kissed on my lips. We both stood up, i kissed her hips and navel part. Until now no nudity. Then i proceeded towards boobs and kissed it from sideways. Then she asked me to have a dress change. She gave me a lungi to wear and i did not wear any shirt or banian that night. I was in lungi and she remained in the blue saree. Then we chatted for sometime. Rain did not stop. I slept on her lap, turned towards her stomach part, and kissed. She rolled her hand on my bare body. I raised her saree and squeezed the milky thighs with my hand. Wow, what a wonderful feeling. She kissed deeply this time on my lips. I asked her for a pain balm since i was having headache. She proceeded towards the shelf to take it, i followed and caught it from behind and planted a kiss on her neck. I turned her face towards me and french kiss started. By doing this, we proceeded to a corner of the hall. This time i took her pallu off, and removed the saree completely. Wow! What a site it is…i squeezed those melons with blouse on. I dipped my face on that partition and squeezed boobs on my both hands. I raised her petticoat, took that bare right leg in my hand, and rested it on my hip. The candle was about to finish, so i decided to see my queen in nude quickly. I opened her blouse slowly and she removed my lungi. Now she was in her bra and petticoat and i am only with my undergarment. Her boobs were trying to come out of that bra, so i released it and removed petticoat too. She took off my undergarment. Now both are in nude. I squeezed the boobs and sucked those nipples. She moaned and said, ‘slowly! Please! Today mine is yours! Common take me!
Those words made me mad and i left no parts untouched on her body through my lips. She kissed on my neck, lips by holding my lund in her hand. I took her to the sofa and i fell on top of her, and both bodies twisted with each other. She said that she feel very painful in her back and shoulder. She asked me to apply oil, which relieves pain. She gave it to me. I was sitting on the edge of the sofa and asked her to sit on my lap facing towards me. She said you are so naughty… And sat on my laps. I pour some oil on my hand and proceed towards her boobs to apply. Oh, darling! This is not my back, she guided my hand towards her back and i applied there.
I pushed her back towards me and her boobs were squeezed on my chest. I hugged her tightly so that there is no gap between us and spreader the oil through out her back. I took some oil again on my hand and applied on her shoulders and this time i slowly came towards her breast and spread the oil there. I asked how u is feeling now. She said fantastic. While doing all this, she was sitting on my lap. Now she took oil in her hand applied on my chest and my back and now we both are hugging tightly and i was eating her completely. Now the candle is off completely, nothing is visible. However, we are hugging each other. Now i made her to sleep on the floor, since the bedroom is occupied by her daughter. I slept on her top. With much difficulty, i went inside her. We were overjoyed and we were like this for quite sometime. Now she came on top of me, and finally our body pleasure was quenched…
In the morning, we woke up quickly and i was about to leave for my house. Her daughter was also ready to go to school. Tasmia was ready to go to college in red cotton saree with low hip. I said that i am not coming to college today. When the daughter was about to leave she asked for pencil and scale. Tasmia went to the storeroom to take it. I followed her by saying something about the college so that her daughter does not have any doubt. As usual, i caught her hips, squeezed, and kissed on her lips non-stop for 2 minutes. Squeezed those round breasts and i said goodbye, she said oh, naughty come again. Then i left to my house… Oh, what a woman she is! I again had a sex with her. Any lady/woman from pakistan especially from punjab/rawalpindi/islamabad between 15 to 45 wanna have sex,phone sex or any type of relationship with full secrecy .mail me at

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Mari Teacher

My name is loveciti4 & I was I lived in Lahore I m going to tell u a story . This is a true experience of my life which happened 8 years back at that time I was studying in 10th class. I was studying in a private high school o Lahore. My English Teacher namely Miss. Shagufta, who used to teach us English and mathematics. She was having good figures i.e. 36x28x36 and her age was 32 years. I was good in mathematics but a bit weak in English. One day she said to me that if your parent agree then after school time you come to my home for studying English so that you may get good position in your matriculation examinations. I told this offer to my parents who at once gave me the permission to study English in her home.After one month summer vacations started and I started to go to her house for having English learning. Our storey started from here.
I was unaware about the sexual relation with any one and have no idea to have a sex play with my teacher. One day her husband who was also a teacher in a Government school and also teach some students in his home. He went to his bed room with a young beautiful boy who was his student also. He said to his wife that she will not allow any person to come to his bed room, because we are busy in the study.After fifteen minutes my teacher said to me to see from the hole of the door what they are doing inside. I obey my teacher order and see from the hole that both were naked and her husband on the bed with a dogy style and his student is rubbing some oil on his ass hole and started entering his fingers in his hole first he entered one finger and then the boy entered two fingers in his teachers hole. I surprised to see this situation but not told the happenings to my teacher, when she asked me what I have seen I replied nothing. Then my teacher Shagufta herself saw from the hole and saw that the student cock entering in the ass hole of his hasband gand. After this she bring me in her study room and started teaching me English. After one week, when my teacher husband went to Rawalpindi to meet his elder brother then my teacher said to me that I am alone in my house as my husband has gone to Rawalpindi and remain there for days. During his absence you will have to stay at night with me and also obtain the approval from your papa. She also met my Mama and requested her that your son will stay with me for days as I am alone at my home and fearing. My mama give permission for staying days in my teachers house and I took some clothes and went away with my teacher. She asked me ok, bring your English book and study, I study my English book for some time. Then she asked me to bring food from the bazaar, I brought the food from the bazaar we both have eaten our dinner jointly. After that we started to play Luddo. During the play off and on my head touched with her head and the next time she advertantly touched her head with my head and started laughing. All of a sudden she kissed me on my head and her second kiss was on my cheek and when she win the game of Luddo and kissed my lips. Then she switched on the T.V. and we both were seeing the Indian love story pictures and when there was any sexy seen she started kissing me. Now I wanted to sleep and trying to close my eyes on the sofa. Then she went to the kitchen and bring a glass of hot milk for me. She told me to have the milk first and then go to the bed for sleeping when I had the milk, I asked her that where is the bed as there was only one bed in the bed room. She told me to sleep on her bed. I went to her bed for sleeping. After some time she changed her addressed in the bed room in my presence and I have seen all the parts of her body and there was some strange feeling. She asked me to see more film and at once switched on the TV and I was astonish to see that a triple x movi is on the screen of the TV. Then she come to bed and thrown her body on the bed. After 15 minutes she caught my cock with her hand which was after irritation about 7.5 ” and was as tight as iron bar. She started rubbing my cock. After few minutes I changed my position and my hands approached to her boobs and started pressing her boobs softly. She started to open her nighty button and started pressing my body with her nipples she also put her tongue into my mouth and began to lick my mouth with her tongue. She hold my hand with her hand and taken the same to her pussy and told me that: Apni Ungli meri Choot main Dalo, Main nay apni doe unglian uski choot me daalney ki koshish ki. Laken uski choot bohat tang thee. Mein bohat haran tha kay ek shadi hudda aurat the choot itni tang kyun hay toe ooss nay muchay bataya ke meri shadi ko 12 saal hoe gay hain laken tumharay sir nay ajj tak meri choot naheen lee. Upon this I at once raced up and asked her how I can use us then she slept straight on her bed and asked me to come on her body. She put her leg on my shoulders and took my cock in her hand and then she get up and put my cock in her mouth and started licking. After some time I was surprised because some white kind of element later I came to know that it is called juice, came out of my cock and she drank each and every drop of my juice.
Then she told me to kiss her pussy, I kissed, then she told me to lick her pussy and I started to lick her pussy, after few minutes she shouted and her juice came out of her pussy and spread on my face. I drank some drops of her juice which was very tasty. Then she again started licking my mouth and tongue and also started licking my cock with her mouth after 2 minutes my cock again irritate just like a iron bar and she took the same in her and put the same in her pussy hole and asked me to push the cock in her hole and I started pushing my cock in her hole but failed and then she asked me that: who tail qui sheet Lao and merry chute and apnea Lund pay tail alga main the tail ski chute per lagaya and apney Lund per lagaya. Fir us nay Mura Lund packer Kerri Apni chute qui Mori per rah Kerri mug say aha Kay zoar say Dhaka alga main nay Asia Kiyo and aahista aahista mer 7.5″ ka Lund ski chute main ghus giya. And she started crying aur mugh say kehnay lagi Kay mughay bohat takleef hoe rahi hay tumhara Lund hay Kay lohay the salakh, issay baher nikalo but I started pushing my cock again and again after one minute she began to start taste and started saying wah merry jan mazza aa gia hay zoar say Dhaka alga phir usnay khud Dhaka lagana shroo Kerri diya and mugh say kehnay lagi bahan choad teray main jaan naheen rahi zoor say mughay chodo. Apni ustani qui chute ko phar daiy.
After five minute we both shouted together and I took out my cock from her pussy when I put out my cock from her pussy there was a voice just like the voice when we open the Cold drink bottle and started to press her boobs and there was blood coming out of her pussy. After few minutes the blood stopped but the bed sheet all red with blood. She was very happy and kissed me with love. This is true story of mine. Any married or un-married girl want to contact me and 9″ cock wanted then contact me on my E-Mail or or

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Sameer ki pehli story

Hi, doston mein yahaan apni pehli baar story likh raha hoon. Well let me tell about my self & about my Buaaji. Mera naam sameer hai or mein ahmadabad mein rehta hoon. Meri Buaa ka naam Kanika hai or unki umar 33 ki hai par belive me she is as hot as a 20 year old girl unka figure 45″ 35″ 45″ hai. Gaand to intni godi or moti hai ki pucho mat uske boobs itne bade-2 hain ki 2no haatho se pakdo to bhi pakad mein nahi aayenge.

Mai unhe jab bhi dekhta bas man karta ki sali ko chod doon par dar lagta tha ki kahi use bura na lag jaye or wo kisi ko bol na de bas uce dekh-2 kar hi santosh kar leta tha, wo jab-2 nahane jati to mai use bathroom ki niche se dekhta tha.Baat un dino ki hai jab mere ghar pe koi nahi tha mummy papa ghar se 2 dino ke liye bahar gaye hue the or ghar pe mai akela tha us waqt tabhi maine plan banaya apni bua ko chdne ka bas fir kya tha maine unhe

Phone kiya ki buajee mummy papa ghar pe nahi hai aap please 2-3 dino ke liye mere ghar pe aajaiye aap bhi akeli hi hai or mai bhi dono ko company bhi mil jayegi tab wo meri baat maan gayi fir mai use ghar le aaya.
Mai unse kah ki achcha kiya ki aap chali aaiyi to unhone kaha are ismein ehsan ki kya baat hai tum to mere bete ki tarah ho na.Mere to mano aaj sab arman pure hone wale the mai pure din raat hone ke intizar mein tha ki kab raat ho or main apna plan ko anjam doon.

Or fir raat hui maine unse kaha ki aaj Khir banaiye na please to usne kaha ki thik hai usne khir banane ke khana lagaya usne 2 Katori mein khir lagaya Maine mauka dekh kar unke khir mein nind ki goliya mila di jo mai bazar se lekar aaya tha. Hum logo ne khana kha ke sone ki tayari karne lage wo boli tum mere paas soge ya fir apne room mein alag soge mai bhala ye avsar kaha chorne wala tha so maine kha are nahi aap kehti hain to main apke paas hi so jaunga.

Fir hum log TV dekhne lage main uske sone ki intezar mein tha karib 1 ghante tv dekhne ke baad use nind aagayi.Maine mauka dekh kar blue film ki cd laga di jo ki bahot hi erotic thi jise delkh kar kisi ki bhi lund khara ho jaye Fir main uske bagal mein aakar let gaya or uske badan pe apni leg or haath rakh diya fir dhire-2 main uski saari uke sine se hata di by god kya bari-2 choochiyan thi uski blouse mein bhi gajab ke hot lag rahe the fir dhire-2 mane apni leg se uski saari ghutne tak upar chadha di fir maine dhire-2 uske

Blouse ke botton kholne laga bahot tight the fir bhi maine kisi tarah unhe khol diye andar usne black colcor ki bra pehen rakhi thi fir maine himmat kar ke uske bra ke upar se kiss karne laga to wo thodi harkat mein aagayi lekin dawyi ke karan wo abhi bhi nind mein hi thi so jayda kuch nahi bol payi sirf usne kaha ye kya kar rahe ho ye galat hai tumhari umar abhi ye sab karne ki nahi hui hai to maine kaha janemen umar ki choro mere 7 inch ke lund ko dekho jo tumhe kabse chodne ko betab hain.

Fir maine himmat kar ke use lip kis karne laga wo mujhse chootna cha rahi thi leki nnd ki wajah se jayada kuck nahi kar payi or fhir mera saath dene lgi maine moka paake uske blouse or bra ko uske badan se khich kar utaar di ab wo upar se bilkul nanagi thi uski laal-2 rasbhari 2no chochiya hil rahi thi friends belive me itni umar hone ke baad bhi uske boobs bilkul tight the rubber jaise main paagalon ki tarah use choosne, maslane or kaatne laga wo

Apna sir tkiye pe patak rahi thi or aahhhh aaaahhhhh jase awaj nikal rahi thi.
Fir maine uski saari or petocot ko bhi utaar diya ab wo bilkul nanagi thi mano koi pahad bed pe ssoya hua tha uska chut pe halke-2 baal the wo apni chut ko apni tango se chipa rahi thi to mane uske tange fala ke kaha janeman ab kahe ki saram ab to sab mera hai fir maine bhi apne saare kapde utar diye or uske upper aake let gaya usne mujhe kas ke apne bahon mei daboch liya or

Apne lip se mere lip ko choosne lagi maine bhi uski lip maein daat kat li wo siskarne lage hum logo ke thook ek doosre mein milne lage.
Fir maine uske chut mein apni 1 ungi daal di wo karah uthi uiiiiimaaaa aaahhhh maine apni ungli uske chut mein anadar bahar karne laga to use maza aane laga wo mere lund ko pakad ke masalne lagi or uper niche karne lagi taki mai jhad jaaun maine badi mskil se uske haath se apna lund chodaya fir manie uski chut ko chanta suru kar diya wo siskiyan lene lagi or

Bolne lagi please ab bas karo mijhse or nahi bardast ho raha hai plese mere chut ko chod do chod do or wo tarapne lagi.15 min tak uski chut chatne ke baad maine use apni lund ko choosne ke liye bola to nahi mani to maine kaha jab tak tum nahi chusogi main tumri chut nahi chodunga fir wo maan gayi or wo meri lind ko muh men lekar lolipop ki trah chosne lagi mujhe bhi bada maja aaraha tha karib 5 min ke baad maine use bistar pe letaya or uski

Taangi fala ke apna 7 inch ka lund uske chut ke mooh pe tik ke andar dalne laga ab jabki uski chut bilkul gili ho chuki thi so mere 1 jhatke mein uske chut mein mea lagbhag adha lund sama gaya wo dardser chik pari ooooohhhhhhh aaaahhhh nikalo mujhe dard ho raha hai fir maine uski lip kiss li or fir 1 jhatke mein pura lund ghusa diya wo tadap uthi or chilane lagi.

Fir maine jab apna lund andar bahar karne laga to use thoda aaram laga or fir wo bhi mere saath apna gand hlane lagi thodi der dhire-2 chodne k baad maine apni speed bhada di wo dard se tadapne lagi or usne bhi apni speed badha di karib 20 min use chodne ke baad main uski chut mei hi jad gaya or uske upper hi let gaya wo bahot tired feel kar rahi thi or mujhse lipat ke let gayi.

Hum log raat bhar waise hi nange ho kar sote rahe or subh nind khuli to usne kaha bahot dino k baad intna maja aaya tab jake usne apne baare mei bataya ki isse pehle bhi 5-7 logo ne uski chudai ki thi. Fir mane bhi mauka dekh kar use kaha to agli baar mere 1 dost ko kush kar de wo kab se is mauke ki talas mein hai to usne kaha thik agli baar use uske ghar pe bhej de.
Mere dost ke saath mere buaajee ki chudai agli story mein likhungaPlease reply me if you enjoyed my story, it was my first story and i hope it was good. Waitin for your reply on

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Suhagrat ka tareka

Mera nam danial hai r meri umer 24 sal hai.khubsurat r handsome larka hn.main aik tacnical enginer hn.mere shadi meri cousin sadia sa ho gae hai r aj mere suhagrat hai.main r sadia bachpan sa aik sath khelta tha wo mujh sa 1 month choti the.hum matrick tak aik sath parhta raha tha phr hmara colleges alaihda ho gae.main engeinering main chala gea r wo english main master karna lage r phr foreign aik company main job karna laga.phr kb hamari bat paki hoi r jb main ghar aya to shadi ho gae main bhe dil sa usa pasand karta tha r is shadi pa boht khus tha.mujha dostn r cousins na btaya tha ka suhagrat main kia karna hota hai.r main na sirf suhag rat ki imformation ka lia blue prints bhe daikhein.main kamra main dakhil ho gea.main boht nervous ho raha tha.abhe rat ka 2.30 bj raha tha.sub bahir chala gae tha r mere aik cousin dhodh ka glass rakh gae.ab main r sadia akela tha.hmari arrange mariage hoi the lakn main usa pasand karta tha.main sadia ka pas ja ka
baith gea r us ka ghonghat uper uthaiya to usa daikh kr hairan reh gea.wo pari ki tarha piari lag rehe the r us ka nain nakhsh khas kr us ki ankhein kia ankhein thein kia lag rahe the wo. main na us ka jism ka bharpor jaiza lia.main boht nervous ho raha na apni nazrain necha jhukai hoin then.main na us ki chin pa hath rakh ka us ka sar uper kia us na ankhein younh he jhukai hoi thein.main na usa bulaya”hey sadia kaisi ho”to us ki ankhn sa anso nikalna main perishan ho gea.
HEY SADIA WHATS MATTER KION RO RAHE ro. MAIN TMHAIN kuch nahe keh raha.main sirf poch raha hn ka tm kaisi ho.MAIN INSAN HN koi jin nahe jo TMHAIN KHA jae ga.TO WO THORA SA MUSKARAI.
phr main na usa kaha TMHAIN GHAR KI YAD A RAHE HAI kia?AB YA HE TMHARA GHAR HAI.LARKION KA ASAL GHAR TO UN KA SHOHR KA GHAR HOTA i rite.main na us ki chin ko pakra.kion ro rahe ho.
Ya keh kr main na us ka anso apni unglion sa saf kia.usa pani pilaya to wo chup ho gae.main na usa kaha ka tm mujh sa na daro main tmhain kuch nahe kahn us na sir hilaya r kaha ka main thek main na usa kaha realy to us na kaha main na kaha ka tm kapra change kr lo.main bhe change kr ka fresh ho jata hn.ya keh kr main bath main chala gea.wapis a ka daikha to wo bhe change kr chuki the r bed pa baithe the.main us ka pas ja ka baith gea r kaha hum waisa bhe dost hain koi bhe bat ho kuch bhe koi kam ho mujha us na han main sir hilaya to main na kaha ka ab thk ho na to us na sir hila dia. phr main na us sa pocha ka tm roi kion the to kehna lage ka main soch rahe the ka ap pata nahe kia react karain ga r jaisa he ap na ghonghat uthaya to beikhtia ankhn sa anso nika main hansna laga r main na kaha ka main koi jin bhot thori hn jo tm mujha daikh kr ro pari.ya koi ajnabi hum dost bhe to mujha janti ho.phr bhe to us na
kaha sory ayenda nahe ho ga.r muskarana lage.main na usa kaha ka tm mujha pehla bhe dani bulati the ab bhe yahe bulana to us na is bat pr sr hala dea.wo abhe bhe necha daikh rahe the r us ka chehra pr itmenan bhari muskan the.main na kaha ka agr tmhain bura lag raha hai to main sofa pa so jata hn r uthna laga to us na mera hath pakr lia r kehna lage ka nahe ap mere sath he soin to main na (maini khaiz lehja main kaha)ap ka sath thek wo sharma gae r yahe sharmana mujha boht acha lag raha tha.phr main na us sa pocha ka kia tmhari marzi sa shadi hoi hai kehna lagi ka je han ap mujha wasa bhe boht acha lagta ho. To main boht khus hwa.main na apna hath us hath pr rakha hwa tha. To main na bhe usa kaha ka i like u realy boht khubsorat ho to ya sun kr us ka munh sharm sa lal ho gea.main na usa kaha ka main tm sa mohabat karta tha.lakn kbhe tm sa izhar nahe kia.
To us na kaha ka main bhe ap sa mohbat karti main boht khush hwa.phr main na kaha ka tmhari is ghar main wohe value hai jo tmhari apna ghar main the.r kaha tm thaki hoi ho late jao to hm dono he bed pr late gae.r sirf table lamp jal raha tha.light main na of kr di.main na kaha tm boht khobsorat lag rahe ho r us munh pa hath phaira to us na ankhein band kr lein.phr main na usa kaha ka kia main ap ko kis kr sakta hn to wo sharma kr necha daikhna lage r ankhein band kr lein.main thora sa khisak kr us ka pas chala gea r us ka galn pr kis ki phr honthon pr honth rakh dia r kis karna laga r ankhein bnd kr lein.main na us ka gird bazonh sa grip bnai hoi the.wo bhe mera sath da rahe na pink colour ki shilwar ur kamiz pehni hoi the shadi ka kapra us na utar dia na bhe mujha jakra hwa tha.phr main na us ki gardan pa kis ki.ankhn pa kano ka pecha r wo mere sath barabr coporate kr rahe the.3.15 ho gae tha.main na phr sa lips pa kis start kr di.r
main na table lamp bhe of kr dia ab sirf hum aik dosra ko mehsos kr sakta tha.mera uzu tanasil bhe khara ho chuka tha lakn underware ki wajah sa mehsos nazar nahe a raha tha.main na pent shirt pehni hoi the.main na apna hat us ki kamar ka pecha zip pr rakh dia r ahista ahista kholna laga us na youn he mujha bhencha hwa tha r mujha wo bhe kis kr rahe the.main na us ka honthon sa honth hata lia r kaha kia tm mujha piar nahe karo ge to us na jaldi sa mere hnthn pa honth rakh lia.r zor sa bhench lia.main na kuch dair bad phr ahista sa kaha ka kia main apni shirt r tmhari kamiz utar dn agr tm bura na mano na mere shirt ka button kholna shuru kr dia.main na ahista ahista us ki kamiz utar na mere shirt bhe utar na bra bhe pehni hoi the.main na us ki bra ko unhook kia r utar dia us na mere bunain bhe utar de ab us na shalwar r main na pent pe

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Teacher nay choda

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mein , meri wife aur Ravi

Name: Vinay
mera naam vinay hai.mein apna ek bahut badaa secret share kar raha hun. mujhe ummid hai apko pasand ayega.
ye tab ki bat hai jab main 6 mahine ke liye saharanpur aya tha. meri wife Manju agra apne mayke mein apni beemar maa ke pas thi. 6 mahine bad mujhe vapas agra hi jana tha, isliye koi seprate makan rahne ko nahin liya, ek kothi mai ek room lekar rahne laga.
2-3 mahine main vanha mere kuchh dost ban gaye the. saharanpur main thoda panjabi culture jyada hai to dost bhi daru sharu peene wale aur masti karne wale mile. vaise main kafi reserve rahta hun par kyon ki mujhe jyada samay saharnpur nahin rahna tha isliye main bhi thoda bahut masti main shamil ho jata tha. sharab to main nahin peeta par beer pee leta hun. ek din jab mere room par sham ke vakt dost aye to ek dost ke sath ek 20-21 saal ka ladka jiska nam Ravi tha bhi aya. usane ham logon ke sath beer pee. beer peene ke baad vo ladka aur mere sare dost vanha se chale gaye par mera ek dost vanhi ruka raha, us dost ne us ladke Ravi ke baare main bataya ki dekhane main to vo abhi ladke jaisa lagta hai par usane aaspaas ki bahut sari auraton ko chod rakha hai. mere dost ne yeh bhi bataya ki Ravi kisi bhi aurat ko ek bar ki mulakat main pata sakta aur chod sakta hai sath hi Ravi jyadatar shasi shuda auraton ko hi patata hai .
maine apne dost ki baat par katai vishwas nahin kiya ki Ravi kisi bhi aurat ko chod sakta hai , Ravi 20-21 saal ka patla gora mushkil se saade 5 feet ki lambai ka sundar sa ladka tha, chehre aur baaton se esa bilkul nahin lag raha tha ki vo itna bada auratchod hoga mujhe apne dost ki baat badaa chadaa kar batai hui lagi, par baat thi mazedar . mere dost ne bataya ki Ravi naturalogy ke bare main bhi kuchh janta hai, badan dard aur baay ke dard ko dur karne ka bhi tarika janta hai . dheere dheere 2 mahine aur beet gaye is beech 2-3 bar Ravi aur mere doston ne beer party ek sath attend ki .Ravi se mere relation bhi theek thak ho gaye , kintu Ravi khamosh rahne wala ladka tha hamari apas mein thodi bahut batcheet hoti thi.
meri makan malkin ko apni beti ke pas mumbai jana tha lihaja apne portion ki chabhi mujhe de gayi taki mein unke portion ki saf safai aur gamalon ki sinchai karata rahun.
isi beech meri wife Manju mere pas kuchh dinon ke liye ghoomane aur rahne ke liye aa gayi. meri wife 5feet 7.5 inch lambi ekdam gore rang , teekhe nain naksho wali, thoda heavy magar tane khinche sharir ki behad sundar aurat hai. vo hamesha saadi pahnati hai jisamen vo ekdam apsra jaisi lagati hai . meri shadi ko us vakt karib ek saal ho chuka tha ,main use apne sath rakhna chahta tha magar meri saas ke beemar hone ke karan vo aagra me hi rah rahi thi . wife ke aa jane se mein bahut khush tha . din aur rat mein milakar 5-7 bar mein usaki chudai karta tha magar na to mujhe sabra aa raha tha na meri wife ko. ham dono ke beech bahut prem hai ham dono apas mei halki fulki sex ki baat cheet kar lete the magar gandi talking nahin kiya karte the. kul milakar kafi madhur relation mere apni wife ke sath the aur hain.
ek din meri wife ne news paper mei ek doctor ka vigyapan dekha jo baay ki beemari ke pakke naye ilaj se related tha. meri wife ne doctor se mil kar apni mummy ka ilaj malum karane aur mere sath doctor ke pas chalne ko kaha to ham dono doctor ke yanha gaye, achanak hospital ke samane hamen Ravi mil gaya. usane ham dono ko aakar hath jod kar namaste ki . meine apni wife ka parichay Ravi se karaya. Ravi ne hamase hospital ane ki vajah poochi to meri wife ne apni mummy ki beemari ke bare mein bataya. Ravi ne sunkar kaha ki apko agar etraj na ho to mein naturology se ilaj ka tarika bata sakta hun. meine uske ilaj ke tarike me koi dilchaspi nahin dikhai magar meri wife ne intrest dikhaya , Ravi ne kaha ki mein kuch malish aur nason par dabaw ke tarike bata dunga ap seekh lena aur apni mummy par aajma lena , meri wife ne Ravi ko ghar par sunday ko ane aur ilaj ka tarika batane ko kaha, sunday ka din isliye rakha kyon ki us din mera off rahta tha.
ghar par lautkar raat ko meine majak me wife ko bataya ki Ravi shadishuda aurton ko patane mein mahir hai jara bachkar rahna, wife muskura kar boli “atchha, par ap befikra raho, vo machhar tumhari beewi ko nahin fasa payega, fasane wali auraten aur hi hoti hain. hanste muskarate ham apni pyar mohabbat mein lag gaye,
abhi sunday ko 2 din baki the friday ko mein apne ghar lunch lene ke liye lauta to meine dekha ki mujhse pahle Ravi motorcycle se mere ghar par panhucha hua hai. mein ye dekh kar chonk gaya kyon ki use to sunday mein tab ana tha jab mein ghar par mojud hota. uske ane se mujhe apne dost ki vo baat yad a gayi ki Ravi shadishuda auraton ko patane mein mahir hai. mujhe apni wife par pura yakin tha. kanha mujh jaisa 6 fita lamba choda mard kanha Ravi jo mujhse kad aur kathi mein kanhi nahin thahrta tha, fir bhi mujhe yeh dekh kar ajib si feeling hui ki Ravi kis maksad se aya hai aur vo kya kare ga,mein ye sab chupchap bina kisi ko pata lage dekhna chahta tha. meine apni wife ko mobile kiya aur bataya ki mein aaj lunch par nahin aa raha hun tum apna khana kha lena .meri wife ne kaha theek hai. meine apni car thoda dur hatakar khadi kar di aur chuchap makan malik ke portion ko khol kar andar ghus gaya aur andar se darwaja band kar apne room se sate room mein chup ke se pahun
ch gaya. Ravi bhi tab tak mere room ke samne panhuch kar darwaja khatkhatane laga tha meri wife ne room se bahr jakar Ravi ko andar bulaya. is beech meine dono room ki sitkani chupke se khol di aur darwaje ke pallu se apne room ke andar dekhane ka rasta bana diya aur sanse rok kar apne room mein darar se dekhane laga.
Ravi ko meri wife ne chair par baithaya aur pani lakar diya fir uske pas dusari kursi par baith gayi. meri wife ke poochne par Ravi ne bata ya ki use 2 din ke liye bahr jana hai isliye sunday ki bajay aaj hi aa gaya hai. meri wife ne kaha ye to tumane achha kiya. fir meri wife ne Ravi ko chai bana kar lakar di aur sath hi sath chai pee. dono ekdusare ke bare mein me poochte rahe Ravi bahut hi sabhya aur shalin tarike se baat kar raha tha. chay peene ke baad meri wife ne Ravi se apni mummy ke ilaj ke bare mein poochha aur ravi se ilaj ko note karane ko kaha to ravi ne kaha ki bhabhi ji jis tarah apni mummy ka ilaj karna hai mein apko bataye deta hun aur uske bad note kara bhi doonga, meri wife ne kaha theek hai. ravi ne kaha bhabhii ji ap apna hath den , meri wife ne apna ek hath ravi ki taraf badaya to ravi ne use apne ek hath se pakad kar apne dusare hath ki ungaliyon se hatheli ko dabana shuru kar diya . ye dekhkar mujhe kuch ajib ajib sa lagne laga aur mei utsukta ke
sath chupchap andar dekhta raha, ravi karib 15 minute tak meri wife ki hatheli , kalai aur kohni ko apni ungliyon se dawata raha, is bech ek-do bar wife se poocha ki babhi ap samajh rahi hain,to wife ne sar hika kar han kaha , 15 minute baad ravi ne kaha bhabhi ji ap bed par ulta let jayen aur ankhen band kar len , meri wife ne letne ko mana karte huye kaha ravi tum mujhe ese hi batao. ravi ne kaha theek hai bhabhi ji aap khidaki ka sahara lekar khade ho jaiye mein apko ese hi bata deta hun. ab tak me ye tay nahin kar pa raha tha ki ravi meri wife ko patane ka pryas kar raha hai ya vastav mein ilaj kar raha hai magar usaki ungliyan bade hi sadhe tarike se chal rahi thi, nischit roop se meri wife ko achha laga hoga . 15 minute tak hath aur hatheli ko ravi ne dawaya . meri wife khidaki par hath rakh khidaki ki taraf muh kar khadi ho gayi . ravi ne meri wife se kaha bhabhi ji aap shant man se khadi rahen aur ankhon ko band kar lijiye aur sab kuch seekhati rahna , wife ne kaha
theek hai . ravi peche khada hogaya aur apni ungliyon bade sadhe tarike se meri wife ki peeth ko jagah jagah se dawana shuru kar diya, aur ungaliyon ko gardan se neeche kamar tak lata aur dawate huye oopar tak lata . meri wife ankhe band kiye huye khadi hui thi 5 minute bad ravi ne kaha ki bhabhi ap ko achha lag raha hoga. meri wife boli bahut achha lag raha hai tumhare hatho me jadu hai. main samajh gaya ki meri wife ko bahut achha lag raha hai. meri utsukta badati ja rahi thi. meri wife bilkul shant khadi thi aur ravi ki ungaliyan bahut teji se kam kar rahi thi.
karib 10 minute tak ravi ravi ungaliyon ko isi prakar chalata raha. ab tak ravi wife ke pahne blouse ke upar se kamar ko dawa raha tha ab usane blouse ke side se andar ungli dalni shuru kar di. meri wife mantramughd chupchap ankhen band kiye khadi rahi. mujhe ajib si sansanahat hone lagi aur ankhe phade me chupchap dekhta raha. ravi ne kaha ki blouse bahut tite hai andar ungaliya nahi pahuch pa rahi kya huk khol dun meri wife jo ek dam sukh ke sgar me doobi hui thi usane gardan hila kar sahmati de dedi . ravi ne blouse ke baton pechhe se khol diye aur kamar par ungaliyan ghumata raha ab usaki ungaliyaan chalte chalte meri wife ke pet tak pahuchne lagi , meri wife ekdam chupchap khadi thi aur ravi ki jadui ungaliyon ke gahre asar mein ho gayi thi.
kutch hi der bad ravi ne meri wife ke bra ka huk bhi khol diya meri wife ek dam shant rahi. mera dil bahut teji se dharakne laga mujhe ajib sa exitement hone laga main khud jadvat ho gaya tha aur ankhe phade dekh raha tha. ab ravi ne ungliyon se meri wife ke hips ko bhi dawana shuru kar diya tha. kuch der bad ravi ki ungaliyan meri wife ke seene tak jane lagi, meri wife ekdam chupchap khadi thi mano kisi ne jadu kar diya ho.
ab ravi ki ungliyan kamar seene se fisalti huyi wife ke pet se hoker nabhi ke neeche pahuchane lagi, ravi ne poocha bhabhi kaisa mehsoos ho raha hai wife kuchh nahin boli . ravi ne kaha bahut achha lag raha hoga wife ne tej sans lete huye gardan hilakar han kaha. ab ravi ki ungliya aur bhi teji se chalne lagi usane blause aur bra ko aage ko kheench kar kandhe tak kar diya jisa se meri wife ki safed chuchiyan ajad hokar latakne lagi. maare uttejna ke mera bura hal tha. ravi ki chalti ungaliyon ne muj par bhi jadu kar diya tha. meri lambi tagadi wife jo ravi se kad kathi me kafi badi bhi thi ravi ke kaise kabu me aa gai thi me khud apni ankhon se dekh raha tha. ab ravi ki ungliyan meri wife ki chuchi tak pahuch kar unhe sparsh karne lagi thee. jaise ravi ka hath choochiyon tak pahunchta meri wife gaharii sans lekar hoton ko danton se dawate huye gardan ko upar ko uthati thi. lagta tha ki mantramughd hone ke sath vo uttejit bhi hone lagi thi. ab ravi ka hath nabhi se neche
tak pahuchne laga tha. uski ungliyan pet ke pas saadi ke andar ghus kar meri wife ki janghon tak pahuchne lagi thi. wife ki sanse tej hone lagi thi aur vo gahri sanse le rahi thi, idhar mare exitement ke mera bhi bura hal tha. ab mujhse intjar nahin ho raha tha mujhe lag raha tha ki jo bhi ho jaldi se ho jaye .mera lund khada ho gaya tha.apni wife ka exitement dekh mujhe us par taras aa raha tha uski bechaini aur exitement ko me samajh raha tha.
ab ravi peeche se aage badkar meri wife se lag kar khada ho gaya tha uska bada meri wife ke badan ko chhoone laga. is bar uska hath meri wife ke seene se nabhi tak aaya aur nabhi se neeche jhnghon par naa jakar saadi ke neeche seedha saamane gaya. jahir hai vo meri wife ki choot par gaya. jaise hi ravi ka hath andar gaya meri wife ne ravi ke hath ko vanhi pakad liya lagta tha ki vo hath ko hatane nahin dena chahti ho. ye pal mere aur meri wife dono ke liye besabri ke the. wife behad exite ho chuki thi sath hi mera bhi yahi hal tha. ravi ekdam shant tha. usane apna hath chudaya aur fir se seene par choochiyon tak le gaya wife ne apne dono hathon se ravi ke dono hathon ko apni chuchiyon ke upar hi pakad liya tha. ravi ne apna hath fir sechudaya aur fir nabhi tak le gaya, meri wife ne ravi ka hath neche apni choot par le jane ki koshish ki magar ravi apne hath ko choot tak nahin le gaya aur hathon ko seene aus pet par ghumane laga.
ab jo meine dekha vo mere jivan ke anmol palon me se ek hai . meri wife apna ek hath peeche ko layi , vo hath ravi ke pet se fisalte huye ravi ki pant ki jip tak panhucha aur meri wife ne ravi ki jip khol di aur uske lund ko talashne lagi,
oh ! bhagvan meri wife kya kar rahi thi. ham husband wife dono ka bura haal tha. kuch koshish ke baad meri wife lund ko nikalane me safal ho gayi. ravi ka lund dekh meri ankhen fati ki fati rah gayi.
mein 6 feet lambai ka hun par ravi ka kad koi khas nahin tha magar uska lund mere lund se shayad bada hi hoga, sath hi mota to bahut tha, mere lund se kam se kam dugna. shayad bahut saari chooton ka ras pee pee kar tagda ho gaya tha. ravi underwear bhi nahin pahne tha, Sala. meri wife ne jaise hi ravi ka fanfanata lund hath se mehsoos kiya , shayad uske aakaar se meri loving wife aur bhi exite ho gai aur muh se sisakariyan lene lagi. fir usane gardan ghuma kar ankhe khol kar ravi ka lund dekha ab aur bhi pagal ho gayi aur usane ravi se kaha ravi meri jan i love you. HelpMe. ravi ne koi bhi pratikirya nahin ki apne fadfadate lund ko liye seedha khada raha, uske hath aur ungliyan meri wife ke seene aur pet par fisal rahi thi. mera bura hal tha mera lund bhi buri tarah garma raha tha. meri wife kuch samay tak ravi ke lund ko sahlati rahi fir meri wife aage ko jhuki aur apni saadi apne ssene tak utha li jis se uski nangi janghen,hip sab saaf saaf dikhane lage the . k
ya badan tha uska. sangmarmar jaisa damakta hua. lambi lambi tange sudol ekdam kele ke tane jaisi. meri wife mare uttejna ke sab sharam haya bhool chuki thi.
meri wife ne epni panty farsh par utaar di aur ravi ke saamane ekdam nangi ho gayi. apni patni ko ravi ke samane chudane ki position mein dekh kar mein bhi behad exite tha. mujhe bhi sab kuchh jannat jaisa lag raha tha, sex ki na jane ye kon si anubhooti mere man mein aa rahi thi jo mein apni wife ko chudate dekhane ko bekarar ho raha tha,uf.
ravi ne ab bhi koi harkat nahin ki . Manju ke lambe kad ki vajah se Manju ki choot ki unchai Ravi ke lund se jyada thi. ab meri wife ne apni tange failadi jisase meri wife ki choot ka lable Ravi ke lund ki ekdam seedhai mein aa gaya. ravi ke lund aur meri wife ki choot mei ab distance na ke barabar tha. meri wife ne apne ek hath se ravi ka lund pakda aur apne sharir ko peeche kiya jis se choot lund ke pas akar chhoone lagi. magar ab bhi ravi ne koi harkat nahin ki aur pahle ki tarah hath aur ungliyan meri wife ke sharir par ferta raha. thoda intjar ke bad meri wife ne apni choot ko pecche kiya aur ravi ke lund par apni choot se peeche ko jor lagaya to ravi ka lund meri wife ki choot mein ghusna shuru ho gaya. agar meri wife ka bas chalta to ek hi bar mein poora lund apni choot mein dal leti magar lund ke bahut mota hone ke karan dheere magar majbooti se jor laga kar meri wife ne ravi ka poora lund apni choot mein ghusa liya. wife ke face se laga ki lund ki mota
i se uski choot mein dard hua ho shayad maze mein dard bardasht kar gayi.
mujhe kitna maza aa raha tha mein hi janta hun. ravi ne ab bhi dhakke marne shuru nahi kiye the. meri wife hi apni choot ko age peeche karke apni choot ki pyas bujhana chahti thi. magar adhhore dhakkon se pyas bujhane ki bajay badti ja rahi thi . meri wife se bardast nahin ho raha tha usane gardan mod kar apne hot ravi ke hot par rakh diye aur kaha ravi meri jan meri pyas bujhao meri choot fad do .i love you ravi . tumane ye kya kar diya.tum hi meri pyas bujhao. ravi ne gajab control apne upar kar rakha tha, magar meri wife ki prayer se vo bhi apna control khota ja raha tha uska lund bhi meri wife ki choot ka maza lene ke liye fadfada raha tha.usane ab apne hot meri wife ke hot par rakh diye aur meri wife ki choot mein jor jor se dhakke marne shuru kar diye. meri wife meri choot marlo meri choot faad do kahte huye chudati rahi. Ravi meri wife ko chodata hua esa lag raha tha jaise koi pomeranian kutta kisi badi nasal ki kutiya ko chod raha ho.
kuch der tak ravi ki sanse aur meri wife ki sisakariyan aur cheekhen aati rahi fir meri wife aur ravi shant ho gaye. mein samajh gaaya ki ravi ka virya meri wife ki choot mein jhad chuka hai. meri wife ki choot ravi ke virya se bhar chuki hai. idhar meine bhi khud ko shant karnne ke liye apne land ko hath se jhatake maare aur un dono ke sath sath mein bhi shant ho gaya. kafi der tak ravi aur meri wife isi position mein khade rahe. ravi ka lund meri wife ki choot me ghusa raha . ab meri wife bilkul shant thi vo complete satisfied ho chuki thi. usaka chehra ab aur bhi damak gaya tha. mujhe ravi par na jane kyon bilkul bhi gussa nahin aaya tha . mujhe lag raha tha ki ravi ne jo kuch bhi kiya ek kalakaar ki tarah kiya hai. vo apne fun mein maahir tha. yadi usane aaspas ki itni sari auraton ko choda hai to ye uska apna fun hai. yadi usane meri wife ko choot ka maza liyaa to usane bhi to meri wife ki choot ko esa maza diya jo use pahle shayad pahle kabhi nahin mila tha. usn
e apne virya se meri wife ki choot ki deewaron ko nahla diya tha..sarabor kar diya tha. mein ek jadugar se impressed tha jiska naam Ravi tha.
chalte vakt ravi ne meri wife ke hoton par kas ke kiss kiya aur meri wife ko jhuk namaste ki karke chala gaya. meri wife ab bhi nangi thi. gahare sukh me doobi hui thi. vo bed par let gayi thi. usane apni choot ko dhoya nahin. jaisa ki vo mujhse chudane ke baad karti thee, balki apni choot mein ungliyan dal kar muh mein daal rahi thi, shayad us nishani ka swad le rahi thi jo ravi ka lund usaki choot mein chhod gaya tha. mujhe bhi fir se exitement shuru ho gaya tha, mein chupchap bahr nikla aur ghoom kar apne room par aa gaya. meri wife ne nange hi darwaja khola, pahle bhi wife ne nange rahte huye kai bar darwaza khola tha jab kabhi mein us vakt aata tha jab vo naha rahi hoti thi.yani nangi hokar darwaza kholna koi nai baat hamare beech nahin thi. meine apni wife ko bed par lita liya. mein sabse pahle apni wife ki choot chat kar ravi ke virya ka ehsas karna chahta tha, meine pahle bhi apni wife ki choot ko kai baar chata tha magar usaki choot ka taste aur smell alag thi
aur bhi achhi aur uttejak. meine apni wife se kaha ki raste mein mujhe ravi mila tha kya yanhi to nahin aya tha. meri wife boli han aaya tha magar ap yanha nahin the isliye meine use vapas kar diya tha. meine kaha thee hai, us machhar se bach ke rahna . kabhi mujhe pata lage ki ek din usne tumhe chod diya aur mujhe tumhari choot se usake lund ka ras peena pade,meine apni wife ki choot se ravi ke lund ka virya chaatate hue kaha.
meri lucky wife sunkar kuchh nahin boli bas apni choot ko utha kar mere muh par ragadane lagi.
fir ravi se meri aur bhi dosti ho gai, fir kya hua,aage fir kabhi……

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mera naukar bedroom ,mein

main jis makan mein kiraye par rahta hun. vo ek kafi bada parisar hai.charon taraf boundary hai. andar ek taraf kafi badi kothi jisme ek makan malik sahit 3 anya kirayedar pariwar rahte hain. beech mein kafi khuli jagah hai. mein isi parisar ki mukhya kothi ke ek taraf 4 room set mein rahta hun. mere is hisse mein age baramdah jiski 2 taraf lohe ki jal ki deewar hai jiska darwaja bahr parisar ki khuli jagah mein khulta hai.baramde se 2 darwaje andar ke 2 kamron mein khulte hai ek darwaja side ke 3re kamare ki taraf khulta hai.3 kamron ke darwajon par jalidar kiwad lage hain.
meri wife bahut sundar chikani gori lambi gadrai hui hai.lagbhag roj hi chudai karta hun.chudane ke bad vo ghode bech kar so jati hai.ek bar chudane ke bad vo mujhe hath bhi nahin lagane deti hai,subah use sara kam bhi karna hota hai isliye raa 10:30 baje tak vo chud kar so jati hai.vo aksar gown pahn kar soti hai, meri pyas ek bar mein nahin bujhti. agar mein use dobara chodane ka prayas karun to vo yudh karne par utaru ho jati hai. mujhe der mein sone aur der mei uthane ki adat hai. raat ko mei ya to der tak tv dekhta hun ya blue filmen dvd par.wife bahut sundar aur sexy hai. gown pahn kar sone se aksar uska gown upar ko uth jata hai .vo soti rahti hai mein usaki choot dekhta rahta hun neend ajati to so jata hun.
ek bar garmiyon mein power cut ki vajah se 10:30 se 1:00 baje rat ko bijali bhagane lagi. 4-5 ghante inverter chalta tha to tv bhi dekhna band ho gaya tha.bas light stand ki light jala kar choot dekhta rahta tha. wife par power cut ka koi asar nahin tha vo pankhe mein bhi ghode bech kar soti hai, light jane par baramde ki taraf ke darwaje ko khol kar jali ka darwaja laga kar ham sote the taki thand bhi rahe aur machhar bhi na lage. hamare pados mein sichai vibhag ka office hai janha ka chaprasi aksar hamare ghar par aa jata tha aur meri wife chhote mote kam kar diya karta tha. garmiyon mein vo apne bhai ke ladke ko 2 mahine ke liye meri wife ki madad ke liye laya. uska naam shankar tha. vo student tha magar chhuti hone ki vajah se 2 mahine kam kar kuchh paisa kamana chahta tha. meri wife ne use 2 mahine ke liye 1200 ki pagar par rakha tha. usaki umar koi 19-20 sal thi. raat ko use hamane apne barande mein hi sulaya.wife to 10:00 baje tak chud kar so gayi par mujhe neen
d nahin aa rahi thi.raat ko 10:30 baje light chali gayi to barande ki taraf ka darwaja meine khol diya .wife gahri neend mein so rahi thi. meine letne ki koshish ki magar leta nahin gaya. meine socha ki wife ki choot ka najara le lun barande mein mujhe dar tha ki shankar jag na raha ho.meine barande ki taraf dekha to shankar ki koi ahat sunai di .mene ye sochte huye ki shankar so raha hoga table lamp jala diya aur wife ki choot dekhane laga jo gown upar ho jane ki vajah se saaf dikh rahi thi. wife ne neeche kuch bhi nahin pahna hua tha, thodi der bad mujhe pyas lagi mein uthkar kitchen mein gaya aur pani piya. last wale room mein ek patrika rakhi hui thi meine socha ki use padkar time pas jab us kamare mein room mein inverter ka cnection nahin tha.andhere mein hi mene patrika room ki khidaki par patrika mil gayi.tabhi meri najar apne barande me padi to dekha ki shankar ke folding par harkat ho rahi hai.shankar bar bar uth kar andar bedroom mein j
hank raha tha.andar jali se bahr ka nahin dikhta tha,magar jis khidaki se mein jhank raha tha back side hone se bedroom ki halki light se bhi shankar dikh raha tha. mujhe laga ki shankar andar jhank raha hai. mere dimag mein aya ki andar bedroom ki light jali hai vanha se meri nangi wife ko dekh raha hoga. ye dekh mere shrir mein sansani hone lagi. kya ek naukar apni malkin ki choot dekh raha hai,koi aur meri wife ki choot dekh raha hai. ujala kam hone se saf nahin dikhai de raha tha bas andaj hi lag raha tha. raat ke 12:30 baj chuke the .meine socha ki 1 baje light ane par saaf saaf dekh sakunga, meine andar ke switch se barande ki light jaladi. bed room ki to main light on thi hi.khidaki par khade hoker mein intzar karne laga.raat 1 baje light aayi to bahar ke barande ki light ekdam jal gayi, maine shankar ko dekha to mera anuman sahi nikla vo andar hi jhank raha tha vo apne lund ko bahr nikal kar sahla raha tha. light aate hi vo chup let gaya.use andaj tha ki mein bedroom
me ane wala hun par 15 minute ke intjar ke bad tak jab mein bed room nahi panhucha to usne samajha ki mei kisi aur room mein so gaya hun. usane bahr barande ki light bujhai par aspas aur andar kamare se itni light aa rahi thi kis ab saf dikh raha tha.jab vo ashwast ho gaya ki mein nahin aya hun vo darwaje par khada hokar andar jhankane laga janha meri wife nangi so rahi thi. usane apna lund nikal liya aur use hilane laga .mein samajh gaya ki meri wife ko nanga dekh kar uska land khada ho gaya hai.mera bhi land exite hoker khada ho gaya. sahnkar ka land bahut mota tha. mera man usake land ko pas se dekhane aur pakadane aur sahlane ko karne laga. mene socha ki agar mein ise range hatho pakad lun to kam ban sakta hai, cooler chalne se vanha shor ho raha tha.
mene pakka irada karte huye side room ka darwaja dheere se khola aur barande mein akar dhere se shankar ke peeche khada ho gaya, shankar ko pata hi nahin chala ki mein usake peeche khada hun. meine dekha ki andar meri wife ekdam nangi so rahi hai jo bahr se bilkul saf dikh rahi thi . mene shankar ko awaj di shankar chonk gaya meri taraf dekh kar bola ji sir. maine brade ka bahr ka darwaja kholte huye kaha ki shankar jara bahr ana , shankar bahr a gaya .
shankar nurvous tha.mene kaha shankar tum vanha kya kar rahe the shankar bola sir me light band karne utha tha
mene kaha shanker tum galat bol rahe ho tum kuchh aur kar rahe the .
shankar bola nahi sir ham sach kah rahe hain.
mene kaha shankar tum jhoot bol rahe ho .
NAHIN sir ham sach bol rahe hain
theek hai mein subah tumhare chacha ko sab batata hun mene khud tumhe dekha.
shankar ghabrakar bola sir mujhse galati ho gai mujhe maaf kar do. mere chcha ko mat batana.
mene kaha ki theek hai par mujhe batao tum kya dekh rahe the
sir main memsab ko dekh raha tha.
memesab kya dekh rahe the saf bolo
sir men nahin kah sakta
shankar saf bolo
sir unko jaisi padi vaise dekh raha tha
mene kaha shankar agar tum saf bolege to tab hi maf karunga
sir mem sab ko nanga dekh raha tha
tumane kya dekha
sir upar neeche dono taraf dekha
saf bolo
sir mein kaise kanhu
mene kaha bataun tumhare chacha ko
sir mein memsab ki choochi aur vo dekh raha tha
mene kaha vo kya
sir mujhe sharm ati hai
dekhte huye to nahi aa rahi thi
sir vo memsab ki choot dekh raha tha.
dekh li
sir achhi tarah nahin dekh paya
mene kaha jhoot mat bolo
nahin sir
mene kaha chalo batao kanha se dekhi
vo mujhe barande me le gaya aur darwaje dikha kar bola yanha se. mene andar dekha to meri wife ekdam nangi padi thi usaki choot saf dikh rahi thi.
mene kaha deko tum jhoot bol rahe ho dekh kar batao dikh nahin rahi kya shankar bola sir ham nahin dekhenge
mene shankar se kaha samne dekho usane samne dekha to meri wife ki choot use fir dikhai di
vo bola sir hamen bechaini hoti hai
mene kaha kya?
sir kuchh nahin
mene kaha lund khada hota hai
ji sir khda hota hai
kya khada hota hai
sir mera lund
mene kaha poori bat ek sath kaho
usane kaha sir memsab ki choot dekhte hi mera lund khada ho gaya
usaki baat sunkar mujhe bahut maza aya
mene kaha dikhao apna khada lund
nahin sir
mene kaha dikhao
usane nikal apna lund jo dikhaya mein gash kha gaya. mujhse doguna lamba aur 3 guna mota uska lund tha.
uska lund dekhte hi ajib se khyal ane lage.
mene kaha shankar tumhara land to bahut mota hai
ise dekh kar to mujhe dar lag raha hai.
kyon sir
agar shankar mera lund itna mota hota to tumhari memsab ka to bura hal ho jata
kyon sir
uska lund dekh kar me na jane kya kya bakne laga,par mujhe bahut maza aa raha tha.
mene kaha man lo tum sahb hote tumhara agar lund memsab ki choot me jata to kya mem sab ki choot fat nahin jati.
sir kya mere lund se memsab ki choot fat jayegi.ab vo bhi khulane laga tha.
mene kaha han shankar mem sab ki choot bahut tite hai
main bat karte huye shankar ke lund ko sahla bhi raha tha.
shankar ka lund ekdam tite tha.
fir mene shankar ke lund ko apne muh me le liya shankar ko bhi maza araha tha vo maze le raha tha.vo ab himmat ke sath meri wife ko nanga dekh raha tha. malik nokar ka lund choos raha tha.
fir mene bhi apna lund nikala jise shankar hilane laga tha.
phir main nanga hokar shankar ke samne jhuka aur shankar ka lund apni gand par lagaya shankar ne jor lagaya lund andar ghusane laga 10 minute ki koshish ke bad poora lund gand mein ghus gaya.
fir shankar ne kafi der tak jhatake mare .aur meri gand mein hi uska lund jhad gaya.
aagli kuchh raaten hamne isi tarah gujari
shankar ke ane se wife par bhi kafi kam kaam ho gaya tha.vo bhi chudane mein jyada interest lene lagi thi. ek raat mene shankar se kaha shankar aaj tumhari mem sab ko darana hai
sir vo kaise
tum raat ko 10 baje ankhe band karke let jana aur apna lund bahar nikal kar khada karke lete rahna. me aaj tumhari memsab ko daraunga
shankar ne kaha theek sir. 10 baje shankar barande mein jakar lund taan kar ankhen band kar let gaya,apne muh par gamachha rakh liya.
mene barande ki light jalai andar ki light band thee. mene bahr kisi kaam se jane ka bahana kiya fir akar apni wife se kaha bahr tumhe ek ajooba dikhata hun. mene pahle se kuchh nahin bataya.wife boli kya hai dikhao.
mene bahr so rahe shanker ka lund use dikhaya to ekdam sharma kar andar bhag kar aa gayi.
usaki sans chad gayi thi. mujhse boli ap bade besharm ho.shankar bahut besharm hai kal hi ise bhagati hun.
maine kaha kuchh samay baad to khud chala jayega ham par kya fark padta hai maine use samjhaya ye bhi kaha ki shankar ko datunga.
meri wife boli theek hai.uska chehra lala ho raha tha. mene wife se kaha ek baat to hai shankar ka lund kitna mota tagada hai. meri wife ne gusse se mujhe dekha. maine kaha sach bahut hi mota hai. meri wife boli
mujhe kya matlab.mene kaha dil me to gudgudi ho rahi hogi.wife boli mujhe kuchh fark nahin padta.
mene kaha mein shart lagata hun tum use 5 minute nahin dekh sakti.boli mujhe koi matlab nahin mene kaha tum mera kahna nahin maan sakti chalo ek baar fir dono dekh kar aate hain mere jor dene par wife man gayi.shayad man hi man vo ichhuk bhi rahi ho.
barande me usi tarah lete shankar ke lund ko fir se ham dekhne lage.meri wife ka rang lal ho gaya.mene ishare se kaha ise muh me daal lo.
wife ne mujhe thaappad dikhaya .thodi der bad light chali raat wife mujhse 3 baar chudi.chudate vakht usane climax ke time mere uksane par mujhe shankar kaha mujhe laga ki wife ke man me kanhi na kanhi shankar ke lund ka asar hai.
mera man shankar ka lund apni wife ki choot mein dalwane ko karne laga. main dekhna chahta tha ki itna bada lund kaise choot main jayega aur meri wife ko kitna maza dega.
wife se mujhe ummid nahin thi ki vo mera sath degi.par mera man use shankar se cudwane ko bahut kar raha tha.main baat baat par us se kahta tha ki shankar ka lund to tumhari choot ko fad dega .shuru me to vo naraj hoti thi par baad mein hasane lagi, par yeh nischit tha ki shankar ke land ki baat par vo jyada garam ho kar chudati thi. is beech mere aur shankar ke relation bhi bane rahe . main moka milate hi usase gand mara leta tha.vo ab pahle se jyada khul gaya tha.ham dono milkar meri wife ki choot ke bare me aksar baat karte the. is beech 3-4 baar mene apni wife ko shakar ka lund usi pahle tarike se dikhaya. ab shankar ko jane ke 10 din bake rah gaye the.main apni wife se kahta tha ki shankar ke jane ke bad itna mota lund dekhne ko nahin milega. in baton me meri wife muskura diya karfti thi.
tab tak raat ke power cut ka shedule change hoker din ka ho gaya tha. ek raat ko mene shankar ko apne hath pair malish karne ke liye bulaya aur apne hath pairo ki maalish karane laga. thodi der baad meri wife bhi mere bagal mein akar let gayi.
kuchh der baad meine wife se kaha tum bhi malish kara lo, wife ne hichakte huye mana kiya. mene kaha are kara lo kabhi kabhi malish kara lena theek hai. wife ne tab bhi hami nahin bhari.
mene shankar se kaha shanker tum malish karo.shanker ne hichakte huye meri wife ke pairo ko dabaya, wife ne mana kiya. mene jor dekar kaha are kara bhi lo.wife shankar ke samane hichak rahi thi par mere jor dalne par chup rahi shanker wife ke pairo ko dawane aur ragadane laga.wife ko halanki achha lag raha tha par ab bhi vo hichak rahi thi. mene wife se kaha ki ab ulta let jao.wife ulta nahin leti mene fir jor dala to narajagi ke sath bed par pet ke bal let gayi.shanker pair ke talawe hi dawa raha tha mene kaha shanker thoda aur upar tak malish karo.mene gown ko ghutne tak kar diya. fir mene apni wife ki kamar bhi dabwai.shanker ko bhi poora maza aarha tha. shanker ka lund uske pahne nicker mein tan gaya tha. mene hans kar shanker ko usake lund ki taraf ishara kiya to usane meri wife ki gutnon tak nangi tango ki tarah –ki inke karan khada hua hai.
shankar ko mene pani lene kitchen bheja aur apni wife se kaha ki shankar ka lund khada hai.wife shikayati swar mein boli jab ap mante hi nahin ho to esa hi hoga. shanker fir aa gaya .ulti leti wife ke pair aur kamar dabata raha. mene shankar se kaha shankar tumhare pas esi kya chees hai jo mujhse doguni hai. shanker bola pata nahin sir. mene kaha esi cheese hai tumhare pas. shanker samajh nahi paya bola sir malum nahi .maine kaha yad kar lena tumhari mem sab ke matlab ki cheese hai.meri wife ne muh neeche chhipate huye mujhe chikoti kati.shankar bola yad aate hi memsab ko dunga.
kuch samay baad mene wife ka gown usaki janghon tak upar kar diya to vo hath se neeche karte huye jor se boli kya kar rahe ho. mene wife ke hath pakad liye wife ne bahut prayas kiya magar maine chhoda nahin shanker se kaha ki shanker tum karo shanker ne meri wife ki janghon pko dabaya to wife gusse se idar udhar hilne lagi is se gown choot se bhi upar chad gaya. panty na pahne hone ke karan choot saaf dikhne lagi. maine shanker ko uske lund ki taraf ishara kiya ki vo meri wife ki choot mein daal de,shanker ne mujhe dekha mene fir ishara kiya .idhar wife gusse se pair hila rahi thi. shanker ne turant apna nikker utar diya uska nag jaisa lund fufkar raha tha. shanker ekdam bed par chada aur apne dono hathon se meri ulti leti wife ki janghe pakad kar upar kheenchi jisase wife ke ghutne to neeche lage rahe magar dhad uth jane se meri pyari wife ghodi ban gayi . mene wife ke hath chhod diye. vo hiljul ker chhootna chahti thi par tab tak shanker us par kabu pa chuka tha. usane
apna lund choot par tika diya. lund choot par tikate hi wife ka hilna julna band ho gaya .shanker ne koi harkat nahin ki. lund choot par lagte hi wife pagal ho gayi usane dono hathon se shanker ko apni taraf kheencha aur choot ko peeche ko itni jor se dhakka diya ki 10 inchi lund choot men ghusta chala gaya. meri wife itna bada lund ek hi bar mein poora poora le gayi. meine dekha ki ghuse huye lund se choot buri tarah fail chuki thi lund ki halat bhi buri thi jo choot ki deewaron se buri tarah pis raha tha.meri wife dard aur maje se tej sisakariyan le rahi thi. usne apne hoth gardan mod shanker ke hothon par rakh diye.mene hathon ko lagaker lund ko choot mein mehsoos kiya. thodi dermein shanker ne mweri wife ko chod chod kar buri halat kar di. aur apna dher sara virya choot mein bhar diya. us din aur us din ke baad hamane ye maza kai bar liya.


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Kachi umar mein suhaagraat!

Hi friends yeh kahani hamare suhaagraat ki hai. Hamara naam Sheba hai aur jab hamari shadi hui to ham 18 saal k the…..hamara figure tha 34-29-36. Hamare husband 25 saal k the. Hamari shadi arrange thi par hamare husband hamse pyar kar behte the to rishta aage barha tha aur ham dono alag shehar mein rehte the to shadi vale din kuch nahi ho saka. Ham jab apne sasural aa gaye uske 3 – 4 dino baad hamari actual suhaagraat hui. Aage us raat kya hua voh………

………ham kamre ka chadar thek kar rahe the……..tabhi voh aaye aur darwaza band kar diya. Voh kafi lambe chaure the aur unki takat k aage ham kafi kamzoe the. Ham Green colour ka sari pehne the aur voh T shirt aur shorts mein the. Voh peeche se ahiste se aakar hamare kandhe pe haath rakh diya……hamko darr lagne laga……ham sirf umar se nahi dimag se bhi chote the aur sex k bare mein detail mein nahi pata tha…….phir ahista se voh hamare haathon ko chute hua hamara haath apne haathon mein le liya aur bed pe baitha diya aur khud bhi hamare saamne baith gaye. Hamari nazrein jhuki thi.Unhone hamara haath halke halke se dabna shuru kiya aur kaha pata hai Sheba tumse pehli baar batein karne k baad aur kuch sujhta hi nahi tha……har pal tumhare bare mein hi sochne ka mann karta tha………namaz mein bhi tum aajati thi……..jaan tum bht khubsurat ho……aur use bhi zada khubsurat tumhari baatein aur tumhari tehzeeb………yeh sab kehte kehte unhone hame takya ka tek laga kar baitha diya aur hamare good pe sir rakh k let gaye…….thodi de raise hi baat karte rahe fir ahiste se uth kar hamare balon ko savarne lage……..hame unki baatein achcha bhi lag rahi thi saath darr bhi lag raha tha……..fir unhone hamare saare khule hua baalon ko aek taraf kiya aur hamari taraf dekhne lage…..ham bhi kabhi nazron mein nazrein dalte aur kabhi churate……fir voh ahista ahista hamare garden pe haath ferne lage aur hamare kareeb zada aane lage………hamare pure badan mein jaise current sa daur gaya……ham thande par gaye the……..unhone ahiste se pehle hamare honthon ko chusa……hamari ghabrahat dekh voh muskura diye……aur hamko apni bahon mein bharte hua kaha ghabrao mat kuch nahi hoga….ham tumse bohot pyar karte hain……aur keh k hamare chere ko chumne lage…..saath hi haath ko sehlane aur dabne lage taki jo ham bht thande par gaye the thoda garam hoa……hamari bhi ghabrahat thodi kam hone lagi……aisa lagne laga jaise unse zada apna aur koi ho hi nahi sakta……..fir chumte chumte voh hamari honthon ko chusne lage pehle to ahista ahista fir zor zor se……aisa karte hua voh hamare haathon ko bhi daab rahe the usmein kuch churiyan tut gai…….fir unhone hamari taraf dekha aur apne haath hamari kamar pe rakh k dabne lage aur hamare garden aur kandhe ko chumne lage………fir unhone hamare saari ka pallu hata diya………ham adhnanghe unke saamne the……fir apna bhi tshirt utar diya aur hamare seene pe kiss karne lage aur chusne lage aur saath hisaath kamar dabane lage……..hamne bhi unko pakar liya support k liye…….unka weight hamare upar kafi tha…….voh fir hamko baitha k hamari sari ko puri tarha khol diya……ab ham sirf blouse aur petticoat mein the…….hamare gore gore badan pe haar rang khaya jar aha tha………hame palang k beech bilkul baitha k voh hamare peeth pe sse baal hataya aur chumaa fir blouse ka batn khol diya aur peeth ko chusne lage………unka badan bilkul garam ho gaya tha………ham bhi madhosh hone lage the par ghabrahat bhi thi…….pehli baar kisi mard k saamne yeh haal tha………fir unhone blouse puri tarha utar diya………aur hamare breast ka jo part bra se dikh raha tha use chusa aur kata……..hamari siskiyan nikalne lagi……ham bhi halke halke garam hone lage the……..fir unhone hamara petticoat khola aur hamko bed pe leta diya……ham chadar ko zor se pakre hua the aur ankhein jhuki hui thi……..fir unhone apna shorts aur underwear khol diya…….hamari himmat nahi hui ki unke penis ki taraf dekhe…….phir voh hamko palat k hamare bra ko bhi khol diya ……..aur fir hamare panty ko……..aur hamare bagal mein let gaye aur
hamare upar apne haath aur pair rakh liya aur hamare breast ko dabane lage…….hamari nipple dekh kar unse raha nahi gaya aur voh usko chusne lage…….voh bilkul bhuke sher k tarha hamse pyar karne lage………tut pare ham par……..ham bhi garam ho gaye the kyunki voh apna haath aur penis hamare vagina par ragar rahe the………fir unhone hamse kaha ki Sheba himmat rakhna ab jo ham karne ja rahe hain usmein tumko thoda dard hoga par ham tumhare saath hain………hamare upar bharosa to hai a…….ham ghabra gaye par fir unke dilasa dene par himmat kar k sir hila diya……..fir unhone hame maathe par chuma aur hamare kamar k neeche takiya rakh diya…….fir hamare pair ko khol diya hamara vagina unko dikh raha tha unhone pehle usko halka sa sehlaya fir apni penis ka muh hamare vagina k vahan rakh diya……..unka penis bilkul sakht ho raha tha…….fir unhone zor se hamara haath pakra apna pairon se hamara pair daba taki ham hil dul na sake…….hamari ghabrahat aur bhi barh gai…….aur unhone apni penis hamare vagina mein 1 inch ghusa diya hame dard hone laga aur ham chatpata ne lage par unke takat k aage hamara kuch nahi chalaa aur aek zor k dhakke k saath unhone apna penis pura ghusa diya……….hamari cheekh nikal pari aur ham rone lage……..voh thodi der kuch nahi kiye bas hame dilasa dete rahe aur hamko honthon par chuste aur chumte rahe………voh bohot achcha the……aur samajhdaar bhi………hamko chakkar aane laga tha……….fir jab ham thoda stable hua to voh penis ko andar bahar karne lage hame bhi thodi der mein maza aane laga…….kareeb 20 min baad voh release ho gaye ………aisa laga hamare bachedani k andar koi kuch bhar diya ho…………hamare vagina se khoon bhi nikal gaya tha jiski vajeh se ham aur bhi darr gaye the………yeh dard hamko kafi der tak tha par jab tak tha voh hamse pyar karte rahe aur hamko dilasa dete rahe aur hamare paet par apna haath bhi sehlate rahe……..ham kab so gaye hamko pata hi nahi chala………subha hamko kafi kazori thi to unhone kuch nahi kiya bas thoda kiss kar k aur breast chuske hi kaam chaala liya………

Voh har raat hamare saath pyar karte………mauka milne par dopahar ko bhi ho jata tha…….ahista ahist hamko bhi experience hone laga tha…….par ham kuch kamzor ho gaye the par unhone hamara pura Dhyan rakhkha……….ham pregnant bhi bas 4 mahino mein ho gaye the to aur bhi kamzori thi par voh hamara pura Dhyan rakhte the…………

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Babita ki kunwari chut ki chudai ki main

Sab se pehle mai pane baary mai bata do mera naam Raj hai.main delhi me rahta hu. Har jawaan dil ki khawaish hoti hai kaash mujhe koi kunwari choot mil jaay. Meri bhi yahi khwaish thi. Lekin mai hamesha khmosh hi rehta ho ziyada khuch bolta nahi ho. Lekin pichle 2 salo se mai badal gaya jab mai ghumne gaya apne mama ke yaha. Mere Uncle kanpur mai rehty hai. Waha Uncle ke paros mai 1 ladki rehti thi jiska naam tha babita uski umr kam se kam 20 saal ki rahi hogi uska fig. 30,26,28 raha hoga. Pehle bhi jab mai kabhi mama ke yaha jata tha to mai us ladki ki jawani dekhkar hamesha soch mai pad jata tha ki kash mujhe eski choot mil jaay phir. Lekin ab mai khud ko es layak samjhta tha ki mai ab ese pata sakta ho. Mai 1 din gharke gate per khada tha to babita bhi apne gate per thii vo mujhe dekh dekh kar kuch bol rahi thi or baar baar mujhe dekhke has rahi thi mai samjh gaya ke line de rahi hai. Mene tabhi ishare se poocha, kiya huaa, usne bhi ishare mai kaha kuch nahi, phir hum kafi der thak wahi gate per 1 2osare ko dekhty rahe, achanak usne mujhe 1 ishara kara jise dekhkar mai heraan ho gaya, unke ishare se mujhe oper chhat per aane ke liye kaha, mene socha aaj to munna teri zindagi ban gai,mai jaldi se oper gaya, waha vo mujhse pehle hi pahuch gai. Pehle to mai us se isharo mai baaty kar raha tha maga jab laga ki aas paas koi bhi nahi hai to mai uske ghar ki deewar kood kar uske ghar mai chala gaya, vo kuch ghabra rahi thi magar mai utawala tha aaj uske ghar mai koi bhi nahi tha bas uski dadi thi jo kabhi oper nahi aaty hamesha neeche hi rehti hai.

Aaj babita ke ghar mai koi nahi tha oper bas 1 room tha jisme uske bhai or bhabi rehty hai, mai usse baat karta raha baat karte karte shaam se raat ho gaii, sab kuch itna jaldi jaldi ho raha tha ki mujhe bhi kuch samjh nahi aa raha tha ki kiya karu or kiya na karu. Kiuki moka esa mila tha ki aaj kisi kuwari choot ke mai maze le sakta tha to bas mai bechain tha ki jald se jald mujhe choot mile mai pehle to sharafat se bhari baaty karne laga phir mene use dekha vo baar baar apni akhe es taraha band kar rahi thi jese use use kisi cheez ki tadap ho shayd mere lund ki tadap, phir mene us se kuch alga kism ke baaty yani ke sex se related baaty karne laga vo bhi bare maze se mere baate sunne lagi, mai samjh gaya ki aaj to munna ki khwaish poori ho gai. Bas kuch deer baaty karty karte vo bhi khamosh ho gai or mai bhi phir mene usse poocha kiya huaa wo khamosh rahi phir mai uske kareeb gaya mene phir poocha kiya huaa. Vo phir kuch nahi boli meri himmat bani or mene uska chehre apne dono aatho se pakda ho uske lips ko choomne laga jesa men kabhi kisi movie mai dekha tha kiss karty hue wese hi mai uske kiss karne laga, vo to bas khamosh thi kuch bhi nahi kar rahi thi. Per mujhe uske khamoshi se hi pata chal gaya ki uski haaa hai, or mai phir uske chuchiyo ko dabane laga uske haah nikal rahi thi baar baar hmmmmmmmmm hhhhhhh ohhhh aaram se plz magar mai kaha rukne wala tha.

Mai use uske bhai ke room mai le gaya waha jakar mene sab se pehle uske kapde utarna shuru kiye, uske chuchiya dekha kar to mere hosh hi gum hogay bahar se khuch or andar se kuch or mai to bas unhe dekhty hi paga ho gaya or zor zor se unhe dabane laga vo siskiya bharti rahi. Phir mene apne kapde utarna shuru kiye usne kaha nahi plz esa kuch mat karo mujhe jane do, magar mai samjh gaya ki ab ye nakhre kar rahi hai, per mai kaha rukta jese hi vo bolti mai uske lips ko choomne lagta phir vo josh mai aa jati to phir mai apna kaam shuru kar deta, phir jab mene apne kampde poori tarah utaar diye vo or mai ab bilkul nange the ekdosre ke samne, usne mera lund dekha sosochme pad gaii, kehne lagi oo daiyya itna bada lund hai aapka mai to mar hi jaaongi, mene kaha pehle pehle dard hoga lekin phir baad mai maza aane lagega tumhe, mera luna 9” inch ka hai, phir mai uski choot mai pehle to ungali karne laga ki jisse ki vo garam ho jaay or lund magne lade.

Achanak mene ungali karne ki raftaar kuch bada di vo bilkul bin pani ki machali ki taraha tadap rahi thi phir mene soch ki mera itna bada lund eski choot mai jayga kese phir achanak mere nazr paas mai rakhe hair oil per padi mene botal mai se oil liya or pehle to uski choot per lagaya or phir apne lund mai center se center milake pehle to maine halka sa jhatka mara to vo chilla uthi oiiiii maaa margai aaaaaaaa oooooooooo aram se plz mene ruk gay or phir uske lips ko choomne laga, kuch deer ruk kar phir se mene center se center milaya or phir se 1 jhatka diya kuch inch to andar khusa lekin use kafi dard ho raha tha maga, to mai wahi ruk gaya lund ko uski choot mai kuch deer ke liye rok diya kuch deer rukne ke baad mene phir se 1 jhatka diya kareeb 5 inch ab uske choot mai ghus gaya ab mujhse nahi ruka gaya or 1 zor ka dhakka diya vo zor se chillaii aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii mar gai maaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooo mardala aapne mene kaha abhi tumhe maza aane lagega phir kuch der mai use bhi maza ane laga lekin mera lund kuch ziyada hi bada tha to andar or bahar or dhakke marne mai dar badta jata tha.

Lekin ab mai nahi ruk sakta tha mujhe kisi ki parwa nahi thi mai zor zor se dkhakke marne laga vo chillari rahi baar baar bolti rahi plz ruko mujhe dard ho raha hai plz ruko maga mai nahi ruka phir vo bhi khamosh ho gaii ab use bhi maza ane laga tha, or vo mujhe kamar utha utha ke reply bhi karne lagi vo poori tarha se mera lund le rahi thi mai apni pori taqat se dhakke mar raha tha bas vo to apne akhe band karke aaaaaah uhhhhhhhh ieeeeeee uffff kare ja rahi thi mai baar baar uske lips ke chumta rehta, uske lips kuch ziyada hi narm thy baar baar mai unke pepsi samjhkar peeta rehta tha bilkul laat thy lips mene choom choom ke surkh laaal kar diye.ab mene soch kiu na filmi andaaz mai eski choot mari jaay phir mene uske ghodi banaya or uski chooot mai peeche se apna 9″ lamba land jab dala to bas uski haalat to esi hogai se abhi mar jaaygi kiu lund ka size kuch ziyada hi bada tha or uski kuwari choot thi to bardasht karna kuch ziyada mushkil tha, lekin bandi esi thi ab kuch bhi nahi bil rahi thi, mene usek ghodi ke pose mai uski kamar ko pakad ke dhakke dena shuru kiye zor or zor se dene laga uske kamar pe meri pakad kuch mast thi esliye dhakke dene mai kuch ziyada hi maza aa raha tha mai jab tak dhakke de taha tha mene socha ab kisi or pose mai choot mari jaay phir mai bed per let gaya or lunda ko seedha kiya or usse kaha ki ab tum mere lund per betho vo aaram aaram se uthi or jesa mene kaha tha wesa hi karne lagi.

Mujhe pata tha es pose mai choot marne ka maza hi kuch or hoga es pose mai ladki ki jaan nikal jaati hai jab poora lund andar jata hai, pehle to vo mere lund per aaraam se beeth gai or mera poora lund andar le gai phir kuch deer ruki rahi phir achanak khud hi dhakke dene ladi mujhe or maza aane laga or mai neeche se bhi dhakke dene laga vo bhi dkakke de tahi thi or mai bhi, phir mujhe laga ki mai jhadne wala ho mene uski geeli choot mai or or or zor zor se dhakke dena shoru kar diy jese hi mai jhadne wala tha mene use pakad ke lita diya or uske oper chad ke beath gaya or uski choochiyo ke oper jhad diya, or thak ke usk barabar mai let gaya phir usne apne breast ko kapde se saaf kiya or mere hi barabar mai let gai.

Hum 30 min tak aaraam se lete rahe phir mai utha or phir se uske lips ko chumne laga kafi der tak chumne ke baad mai hat gaya or phir mene kapde pehnne shuru kiye time kafi ho raha tha uske bhai bhi office se aane wali the es liye vo bhi jaldi se apne kapde pehnne lagi, or poochne ladi ki aap wapas kab jaa rahe hai, mene kaha 2 ya 4 baar ee maze lene ke baad hi ab jaaonga vo kene ladi pata nahi phir esa moka kab mile mene kaha kal phir jab tumhare bhaiyya office chale jaayngi tab… Vo kene ladi ok lekin 2 pm hi aana warna dadi shak sa ho jayga mene kaha no prob. Mene use 3 din roz choda vo bhi khushi khushi chudwati rahi mujhse. Ab kafi din se mama ke yaha nahi gaya ho. Lekin uske phone aate rehty hai, bulati rehti hai, to mene fesla kiya hai jaldi jaane ka, or jab mai waha se wapas aaonga to aap sab ko phir se apne new experience ke baary mai zaroor bataonga. Aap sabko ye kahani kesi lagi mujhe zaroor mail karna and cont me 09540743112 and 09783522734 pls call me any female any time

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Bhaia ki Mehandi

Hello desi members. First of all introduction. I am Madiha from Lahore age 23 years. Having a very small family i. e. my self, elder Brother Kashif 27 years an energatic well groomed and muscullar person and my mother. This incident relates to me and my brother. Now i should go to the story. (but i will narrate it in urdu).Hum sab ik normal life guzar rahay they. Abu ki death kay bad bhaya nay bussiness bakhobi sanbhal lia tha. mother ik house wife hain jinhin bahir ki dunya ka koi ilm nahin tha. Aur main bhi baqi larkion ki tarah apni education per twaja markooz rakti thi ya ghar kay kam main ammi ka hath btati thi. Ik achhi life guzar rahi thi. Bhaya aksar apny bussiness kay silsaly main bahir hi hoty they. Aam larkiyoon ki tarah college main main bhi gup shup ka hisa hoti jis main sex bhi shamil hota.
Phir ik din ammi nay bhaya ki mangni kay silslay main mujy poocha k koi larki hay nazar main tu batao. to main bohat khush ho gai aur soch nay lagi k Nazia nahi Faiza kaisi lagy gi nain Afsheen ……………… nahin khair final main nay Uzma ko ki jo k meri khala ki ikloti aur ladli beti the. Ami ko bataya tu ami kehnay lagi k nahi hum family say bahir hi karin gay aur unhoon nay Saira ko pasand kia jo k abu k ik doost jin ka nam tu Aziz tha likin Khan Sahib k nam say mashoor thay ki beti thi aur woh Islamabad rehty they. Khair ye sab final ho gya. shyad Saira ko hi meri bhabi banna tha.
Akhir woh din bhi aa gya jis ka intzar tha. Yani bhaya ki mehandi ka din. subh say hi humary ghar main ronaq lag gai. kafi halchal thi. mehman aa rahy the kam karnay waloon nay bhi ik ajeeb hungama khara kia huwa tha. sham hotay hi dholl wala bhi aa gya aur mehfil main rang bhar nay laga. taqreeban 10 bajy raat ko humara function suroo huwa. ik ajeeb hi masti charhi thi hum sab cousins per. sab mil kar khoob halla gulla kar rahy they.function khatam hoty hoty raat ka 1 baj gya. Tu sab larkioon nay dholak rakh li. koi geet ga raha hay tu koi dance kar raha hay. khoob mehfill jami. sab buzurg function khatam hoty hi sonay ja chuky they. bari hungama khez mehfil thi.
itnay main bhaya nay mujhay bulaya aur kenay lagy k ab humain hawali jana hay. main nay poocha k wooh kun? tu kehnay lagy k wahan per kuch dostoon nay bhi ik party arrange ki hay. main nay kaha k aap jaoo main tu yaha hi is dholak party ko enjoy karon gi. tu kehnay lagy k nahin sab family ka sath hi aain gay. khair thori behas k baad main bhi man gai k chaloo dekhin k in ki party kaisi hoti hay. main nay poocha k kab jana hai. jawab mila k abhi. khair main bhi sath ho li. rasty main koi baat nahin houi. jab hum wahan pohanchy tu dekha k kuch cousins aur kuch un k dost sab hi pohanchy huway they. sirf ik dost tha un ka jis ko main nahin janti thi. baqi sab ko janti thi. sab kay saath larkian thin. sirf do cousins marid thay un ki wifes thin baqi sab apni sisters kay sath aay huway they. khair party shoru ho gai. sab normal tha. kuch snacks, colddrinks, dry fruits. (cold drinks main unhoon nay bear milay hui thi jis ka pata mujeh baad main chala). Sab kuch normal tha ik side per deck per indian songs chal rahy they sab khush gapyon main masroof they kay sulman (cousion) ki awaz aai. yar main bore ho raha hoon. sath hi kuch aur awazin bhi any lagin k han kuch halagulla hona chaye. khair music k sath dance ka program bana tu salman nay reject kar dia. kehnay laga k yeh dance wance tu bohat dekhy hain ab kuch special hona chahye. Aasim (cousin) nay poocha kia hona chahye tu jawab aaya k yar mujra hona chahye akhir Kashif ki mehndi hay koi qul tu nahi. Hina (Sulman’s sister) nay poocha k yeh mujra kary ga kon? Aasim nay jawab dia tum log karo gay aur kon kary ga. itnay main Asif (friend) ki aawaz sunai di yar agar nanga mujra ho tu maza aa jay. sirf Saadia (cousin) nay mukhalfat ki jab k baqi sab nangay mujray per hi insist karnay lagy. ab behas is bat per chal nikli k pehlay kon kary jis ka hal Kashif bhai nay dia kay nangy mujry ki tajweez Asif ki thi lihaza pehla mujra bhi Sidra (Asif’s sister) kary gi. Asif ko bhi manna para. Sulman nay mujray k chand rules bnay. 1. Pooray gany per dance karna ho ga. 2. Bal (hairs) bandh ker mujra ho ga. 3. Har larki ka bhai / khawand kud stage per apni sister / wife ko nanga kary ga. 4. koi larki apna jism chupany ki koshish nahin kary gi.
Mujray k leye stage banai gai. sab say pehlay Sidra aur Asif stage per aaye. Asif nay apni sister kay jisam per hath pherna shuroo kia sath main kissing bhi kar raha tha. Kabhi boobs ko cherta tu kabi buts per hath pherta. Sidra bhi hot ho rahi thi. Phir us nay Sidra ki shirt ik dam say khinch li. ab Sidra sirf bra aur shalwar main thi. taliyoon ka shoor gonja Sidra ka dehan logon ki taraf gya hi tha k us nay shalwar bhi utar di. Sidra nay panty nahin pehni hui thi. us ki pink shaved pussy saf nazar aa rahi thi. shoor apni intha per tha. Asif kay hath ab Sidra ke bra ki hooks khool rahy they. hook nahi khul rahi thi. Asif nay zoor laga kar hook torr di. aur gusay say bra door phenki. deck per naya gana lagaya gya. sath hi Asif nichy aa gya. Sidra nay dance shoroo kia. sab tallian baja rahy they. gana khatam hoty hi Sidra kapron ki tarf gai tu Asim bola k Sidra rehnay do Jo utar gay hain unhin dobara kia pehanna. Sidra nay kamray main mojood logon ki tarf dekha sath hi Asif bhi bola k rehnay do. Aftab bola Sidra meri jan idher mery pass aao. Us nay sidra ko apni god main bitaya aur usay kis karnay laga. Ab next couple bari thi Sulman aur Hina ki. Phir bari bari sab mujra karty rahy bad mian jais ka dil chahta mujra karny wali ko apni good main bthata aur cher char karta.
Sadia kay bad meri bari aai. Kashif bhai mujeh le kar stage per aay aur kissing suroo ki main pehlay hi boot hot ho chuki thi. mery nipples khary ho cukey they. ooper say kashif bhai kay hath uuuuffff main tu kisi aur hi jahan ki ser kar rahi thi. main bhaya ko full responce de rahi thi. phir unhoon nay mery kapray utarnay shuroo kiye. pehlay shirt utari sath hi bra bhi utar di aur samny kar kay sab ko dikany lagy yeh dekoo meri behan kay mummay kitnay khoobsurat hain. phir sab ko matwaja kaer kay unhon nay meri shalwar bhi utar di. meri ik tang utha ker kandey say lagai aur sab ko meri pussy dikany lagy phir unhoon nay meri pussy main finger dal di. udher deck per song shuroo hua tu kashif bhai nichey chaly gay.
Desi friends us raat ki baqi stori main app logon say part 2 main share karoon gi. replies karna na bholiey ga kyoon k aap ki replies ko dekh ker hi main mazeed likhoon gi. filhal bye

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